Poppy's Story

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Poppy's Diagnosis - March 2004

Our beautiful daughter, Poppy, was a well, healthy & happy baby, when she was diagnosed with a large brain tumour in March 2004, then aged 14 mont...

Poppy's 1st Surgery - March 2004

We met Mr. Sygouros the next morning at BCH. He explained that the only option was surgery as Poppy’s tumour was so big. He said he would not be...

Poppy's 2nd Surgery - June 2004

We spent many happy days at home during the next few weeks. Poppy’s recovery was amazing, apart from a lot of swelling, especially if she was ex...

Poppy's Chemo - June 2004 til October 2005

Before Poppy’s chemo started, we met again with Mr. Grundy. He explained that he had just returned from a Brain Tumour Conference in Boston. He ...

Poppy's Cyst Surgery - May 2007

Poppy’s scans from January 2007 showed activity within the tumour & the cyst that had filled the tumour cavity. We met again with Mr. Sygour...

Poppy's Chemo - January til April 2008

After Poppy had her cyst drained, every 3-monthly scan showed change of some kind – the cyst was bigger & the tumour was bigger. Mr. Sygouro...

Poppy's Radiotherapy - June til July 2008

We had met with Dr Dan Ford in December 2007 to discuss the possibilities of radiotherapy. However, Dr Peet agreed with us that we should attempt Vinb...

Poppy's 4th Surgery - April 2012

Poppy’s Update – Wonderful News This is the news we never dreamed we would share… Poppy’s tumour has all been successfully re...

Poppy Today

Poppy is a very bright, happy, beautiful 12-year-oldgirl. She has a smile so big she can light up a room full of people! She is at a mainstrea...

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Poppy's Surgery Diary

Photo montage from April 2012

Poppy's Story on Cancer Research Uk

This was published online in December 2008

Poppy's Story

A photo montage made in February 2007

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