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Poppy Today

Poppy is a very bright, happy, beautiful 12-year-old girl. She has a smile so big she can light up a room full of people! She is at a mainstream high school & is doing really well. She loves her dancing lessons & has won many medals. She is also a great little actress & full of confidence - so much so that she has given speeches to support her hospital and raise awareness...once in front of a conference of 700 people who gave her a standing ovation! Poppy also loves cooking, playing games on her iPad and anything to do with Disney!

Poppy's smile that lights up our lives

Poppy has 3-monthly MRI scans to check the progress of the tumour and cyst. Despite being completely removed in April 2010, her tumour is still unfortunately present and active - growing a few millimetres each year. Poppy is blind in one eye but this doesn't stop her living a full life. She started daily growth hormone injections in April 2010 due to damage to her pituitary gland & hypothalamus. Poppy's fight is on-going and we live day by day & are grateful for every moment with our brave, special, amazing little girl.

Poppy at age 9 meeting her favourite band Little Mix

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